In the lush landscapes of Sarawak, a bright future is being shaped, guided by the strategic and compassionate leadership at Koperasi Belia Inovatif Sarawak Berhad (KOBIS).

Under the stewardship of Zaiwin Kassim, KOBIS has become synonymous with innovation and youth empowerment, continually seeking to enhance the socio-economic landscape of the region.

Recently, KOBIS has engaged in collaborative efforts with key stakeholders to advance their empowerment agenda for Sarawak’s youth.

These initiatives align with national development strategies and Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on nurturing the potential of our young population to meet future challenges.

Through these partnerships, KOBIS is setting a precedent for how cooperative movements can play a pivotal role in community and economic development.

Zaiwin Kassim, Chairman of KOBIS, emphasizes the cooperative's commitment to not just corporate growth but significant community enrichment.

"Our cooperative's journey is one of dual purpose—strengthening our business framework while extensively contributing to our community," he explains.

This balanced approach ensures that the cooperative's successes are reflections of broader social progress, particularly in empowering young individuals.

The significance of KOBIS's mission was recently highlighted during its 11th Annual General Meeting, which marked a decade of substantial contributions to both the corporate and community spheres.

This event set the stage for the next decade of progress and innovation, with a clear focus on fostering young leaders who are prepared to lead and innovate.

KOBIS’s dedication to youth empowerment is also a call to action for all, from local community, youth members and as well ANGKASA, to support and participate in these transformative initiatives.

By investing in the youth, KOBIS not only aims to boost local economies but also to enrich the cooperative movement across Malaysia.

As we look to the future, KOBIS invites everyone to join in its enduring mission to nurture a thriving, inclusive future for Sarawak.

Through collaborative efforts and a shared vision, we can all contribute to a prosperous community that benefits from the active participation and leadership of its youth.

Stay connected with KOBIS for more on how we are turning aspirations into action for the youth of Sarawak.

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