My name is Fauziah Khalid. I created this product actually for my mom because my father suffered from dementia, so I started something to prevent that in her. I officially started this business in 2020 but I only got the operation up and running in October 2021. 

The number 1 benefit of taking this product is it is highly anti inflammatory, so it's natural pain killer. Number 2, it help with constipation. So it really flushes out the colon, it help regulate the vowel. Number 3 is that it warming to the limps. So if you are suffering from cold hands and cold limps, the this product will be beneficial for you. 

The general feedback that I've gotten from family and friends who taken this is it really helps them with the pain. It reduces pain on the body in general regardless whether they suffering from osteoarthritis or any other type of joint pain. Number 2 is that it also helps them with constipation and Number 3 is that it's very warming. Meaning to say it feels hot/warm, no longer feels cold. No need to wear extra socks or clothes. Number 4, amazing feedback I got is that they don't suffer from flu anymore since taking this product. Number 5, it helps with brain fog. meaning to say, those who have taken it they said generally it increase mental alertness, increase their mental focus, reduces migraine and headache.

The main ingredient of this product is lemon, tumeric, red ginger (halia dayak), black pepper and royal  jelly. Whoever is interested to get in touch with me, whether as a customer or as an agent, can reach me via Facebook Kurkuma Spiced Lemonade or in Instagram SpiceLemonade2u. You also can contact me at 60128770396.

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We as entrepreneur must have integrity because we can do a lot of things which is harmful for our customer to earn quick money but I think it it not the way. We must be honest and have integrity  in our dealings whether with  customers or our business partners.

Thank you SME Digitise. 

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