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Kitchen Saviour-Part II

        Hi guyss!! Here's the part two of Kitchen Saviour Tips. I hope you guys are not bored with all the tips that I'm sharing. I can't help it, I keep stumbling and discovering good tips that are hard to not be shared. Plus, sharing is caring right guys? So please bear with me. 

     For today's article, the first tips that I'm going to share are entitled Flavourful Grains.
         Have you ever wanted to add new healthy experience of a meal to the table but did not have the luxury of doing so? Fret not, you are not the only one who are feeling that way. So, my little perky and fancy idea is by adding tea into your grains. Yes, you read me right. TEAS. By adding tea into your grain, it makes them tastier and more fragrant. You can cook your grains; quinoa, millet, brown rice, or normal white rice with tea infused water. Lapsang Souchory, Earl Grey, Chai and Green Tea works wonder and perfect with the grains. Try it and do share the results with us.

     The second tips that I'm going to share are; How To Remove Eggshell Pieces.
         We all know how frustrating it fells when it felt like we are being played by the broken pieces of eggshells that falls into the egg. So, lets end the game with this simple tricks and tips that I"m going to share with you. This is also another simple tips that everyone can do at home. If you ever found some eggshells in the batter, don't stick your fingers to scoop them out. Instead, use another piece of eggshells to get rid of the rouge piece. The eggshells will act as magnet to scoop the other pieces off the batter. 

   The third tips that I'm going to list on are; Do-It-Yourself Buttermilk.
        got a recipe that requires buttermilk but there are none on the shelf? This tips will save you from the hassle of going out to the supermarket just to get a mere ingredient. You can make your own buttermilk by adding a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice into regular milk. It does not turns exactly into the same thickness or creaminess of real buttermilk but hey, at least it does the trick for the recipe.
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