Kitchen Hack-Part 2

     Hello again.. here's the 2nd part for the kitchen hack. Enjoy and hopefully this article can provide useful informations for your kitchen. 

4) Prevent Microwave Dryness.
       Microwave are literally our best friend if we are tied with busy schedule. But ughh.. it sucks when our food are dead dry when it comes out of them. So, here's the tip on how to prevent them from getting dried up. Its easy, pour some water in microwaveable hardware and put it next to the food that's about to be microwaved. By doing so, your food won't be dry anymore.

5) Remove Rust Over Cast Iron Pan
      We all know that one particular rusted iron pan that our mom loves soo much. Why not help them by removing the rust? Trust me, she will be happy and broke into tears. How? Its easy. The answer on how to remove rust from cast iron pan is salt. Yes, salt. Take a handful of salt and scrub them. The rough particles helps the process of removing the rust. Then, wash them clean. Easy peasy right? 😊

6) Shines Up Stainless Steel
      Stainless steel gets dull as we use them. They can get permanently dull if the surface are not cleaned properly with the right cleaning product. Here's the tip; mix vinegar with a portion of water together and put them in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the required surface, leave them for a moment and wipe them down. The stainless steel will shines up and no longer looks dull.

Thats it for now ladies and gentlemens. 
Until next time ❤


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