The **** calls them fallen angels. A Sumerian chronicles tell us about the planet Nibiru and inhabited by conscious beings - Nephilim (still referred to as anunaki). According to legend, the Nephilim descended to earth for gold - the atmosphere of Nibiru was relieved and mythical scientists came up with a golden shield to reflect light and heat back to the planet. Every 3600 years, when the mysterious twelfth planet approaches the Earth (promised in 2012-m) giants "merge" there's gold reserves. For the same legend of a man - a product of genetic engineering, a mix between the Nephilim and terrestrial monkeys, specifically designed to work in the mines.

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Dr. Hilton Hinderliter of Apollo Campus Pennsylvania

State University, studied the evidence presented at the Glen Rose, who excavations and stated: "I would have to say that the belief in evolution is in a state of terminal illness but its death will only be admitted by a new generation of scientists whose minds have not been prejudiced by the type of education now prevalent in the nation's public schools, an education which starts with the belief that evolution has happened, which interprets all evidence according to that faith and simply discards any evidence which cannot be fitted into the evolutionary framework" (Quoted from "Dinosaurs" by Dr. Carl E. Baugh, 1987. Promise Publishing Co., Orange, CA 92667.


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